The Art of Feeling Good

Hot off the press!  Week long retreats in Turkey in May and October 2014

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We all want to feel good! If you have been experiencing difficult and stressful times, this is even more important! Through this mini retreat, whatever you desire, you can have! Whether you are seeking more love, inner peace, connection, contentment, happiness, empowerment, connection with the divine, fun, passion, or any desire of your choice,  this is on offer for you.

We will weave together a powerful combination of coaching, guided meditation, energy work and gratitude practices to facilitate sustained change. Come and find out for yourself.

Having worked with hundreds of clients over the last 12 years, I have learnt a thing or two about what people want, what they need and what works. Whilst I have helped many find fulfilling work and/or achieve greater levels of success in their current work, find their ideal relationship and/or enhance their current relationship, financial abundance and/or grow their business, achieve vibrant health and many other things, the real pathway to happiness and success is even more accessible and much simpler (when you have the know-how and follow proven practices):  I will help you create your personal blue print for success and happiness, clear your personal blocks and help you manifest life-changing results using a variety of coaching exercises, guided meditations and energy/body work: If you are willing and open to step onto a pathway of ease, this could be just what you are looking for.

Underneath the human desire for external measures of happiness and success (ie fulfilling work, ideal relationships, financial abundance, vibrant health etc) are  the desire,  need and the search for sustained experiences which are less frequently consciously and knowingly sought:  For many, the experiences we seek include:

  • Love
  • Connection
  • Inspiration
  • Peace
  • Acceptance
  • Joy
  • Ease
  • Fun
  • Flow
  • self belief
  • inner confidence
  • creativity
  • calmness, relaxation,
  • compassion
  • sacred guidance
  • intuition
  • wisdom
  • energy
  • empowerment
  • groundedness
  • growth and development
  • passion
  • forgiveness
  • presence
  • freedom
  • safety
  • contentment
  • harmony
  • healing
  • hope,
  • insightfulness
  • manifestation
  • attraction
  • nourishment
  • positivity
  • safety
  • support
  • trust

and the list can go on.

This mini retreat gives you the opportunity to nourish your soul, and take care of  your emotional and spiritual desires for nourishment, not just fleetingly but on a sustained  and on -going basis. When you experience these outcomes regularly, not only do you “feel good”, but your ability to realise the external measures of happiness and success that you are seeking, and to manifest your goals, is significantly increased.


During each mini retreat, you choose the experience you want to experience more of in your life:  be it love, peace, confidence, connection or whatever: Using the power of intention; bespoke processes to clear blocks; guided meditation; Reike, and other forms of energy and body work, you’ll go away feeling more of the feeling you wish for, both immediately following the workshop and in your life overall.

This programme is coming soon to Barnes village, SW London. Look out for more details


This mini retreat is led by Karen Skehel. Karen has been offering transformational holistic coaching both within organisations and for private clients since 2001. She has led personal development workshops in relationships, coaching and in “emotional intelligence”.

She has coached in front of 1.5 million people on ITV’s most popular day time programme, and has also appeared on ITV2. She wrote for Natural Health Magazine as The Soul Doctor and The Life Coach contributing a page addressing readers’ life challenges every month.

She has pioneered the use of self-healing coaching to help people reduce or overcome the symptoms of long-standing or so-called incurable conditions. She has also developed a new treatment process which combines coaching and healing therapies. Named Chikara (meaning “powerful” in Japanese), the process has been described as beautiful, powerful and unique by one of the UK’s Reiki Masters.

She is a published author having contributed a chapter to “A Coaches Story” published by Bookshaker in 2011. In it she says referring to Biodanza, The Dance of Life: “This dance and movement-based process is very powerful for facilitating nurturing, healing and love. In fact it is so powerful that I cannot NOT offer it to the world!”

In May 2011, she appeared on the BBC’s equivalent in South   Korea teaching it as part of a documentary on dance as therapy, alongside facilitators from all over the world. She has also taught a session for BBC1′s Inside Out series where she showed 3.6 million viewers how Londoner’s can have fun without alcohol.

You can find out more about her coaching work at and her coaching supervision work She is also the founder of She is also at