Seven Secrets of a Confident Woman

It takes courage and boldness to be a confident woman. We all need guidance from time to time to help us. Read our seven secrets of a confident woman:  we can all learn from them and adopt them in our own lives.

1) A confident woman knows that she is loved

A confident woman is assured that she is loved because she believes and knows she is worth the love. She is sure that not everyone will like or love her but there are plenty of people who do love her and like her. A confident woman has no fear of being unloved as she loves her self unconditionally.

2) A confident woman is positive

A confident woman lives positively. She knows that confidence and negativity don’t mix. She rather be positive as it’s more fruitful and fun. She knows being negative never changes an outcome of a predicament, so she’d rather just enjoy her life and leave the rest to sort itself out. She also has a habit of speaking, thinking and acting positive. This behaviour helps her cultivate a positive happier life as she attracts good into her life.

3) A confident woman refuses to live in fear

A confident woman refuses to live in fear. She has a strong faith in being bold and has self belief in everything she does. This does not mean she never faces fear: it just indicates she does things facing fear in the eye. She does not let fear rule her or determine the direction of her life. She takes control and charge.

4) A confident woman avoids comparisons

A confident woman knows not to compare herself to other women as we are all different. She accepts that everyone has positive and negative points even if we can’t see them. She knows that comparison does nothing but lower her self esteem A confident woman accepts herself and respects all that she is.

5) A confident woman recovers from set backs

A confident woman bounces back from failures. She does not class them as setbacks or failures but merely as markers on a learning curve. She instead learns and grows from her failures and moves on. She knows she only fails if she gives up. Most successful people failed before they actually succeeded. The failure part is when all the learning and growing takes place. Not only that, but she has learned to reposition failure as a learning experience: regularly asking herself what she has learnt from each experience.

6) A confident woman does not live with the motto “if only” and “what if”

There are many people who live in misery and bitterness as they reminisce about what could have been or what they did not have. They do not look at the positives in their lives. A confident woman is grateful for what she has and makes the most of her situation. A confident woman is bold enough to change the things in her life that aren’t working and continually make more changes to make her life better. She does not sit and moan all day about her situation; instead she works towards the changes she wants to see in her life.

7) A confident woman is assertive and takes action

A confident woman does not wait around for things in her life to change. She makes the changes herself. She knows that she is only responsible for her own happiness and that it lies in her hands. She is bold enough to overcome situations and darkness in order to reach a better place afterwards.

Being a confident woman takes self belief and self worth. You must believe you are worth the trouble and that you can recover from any situation as you are bold enough to go through the storm to reach a better place. Sometimes we have to feel uncomfortable before we start to feel comfortable in our lives. Sometimes we have to go through negativity to learn and grow and become a stronger woman. Never in life must we live in a negative situation. We have the power to change the negative situation into a positive one.

Nila Sabar

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These suggestions have a track record of working for people in this situation. We recommend that you try these tips and see which ones are suitable for you. You may find that other approaches work for you too. Depending on your circumstances, a consultation with your GP may be advised.


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