Embrace Your Independence – 10 Ways to Love Being Single

1) Reclaim ‘me time’

Being alone is very different to being lonely, so carve a bit of time out of your day – even if it’s just half an hour – and embrace being alone. Bridget Jones does not do this well. She eats a tub of Ben and Jerry’s . Comfort eating doesn’t work. Instead, have a private party; only you’re invited. Bath, incense, candles, and a good book. Paint your toenails. Do some yoga. Whatever you enjoy. Whatever you didn’t have time or weren’t able to do when you were in a relationship – do it now!

2) Embrace friendships

Lust and love can cause us to be blinkered; and sometimes we neglect those we care about the most. To re-ignite fragile friendships, show your mates how much you care. Invest time in tea-drinking and chat. A female support system is a lot more rewarding, nurturing and reliable than any man!

3) Plan for the future

The breakdown of a relationship brings a revaluation of your goals and plans. Re-assess your path, re-design your future, and think about where you want to be in 5 years time. Remember that life is a pleasure palace of choices. Although a door may of closed, there are many windows open, you simply need to air your thoughts.

4) Take control of you finances

Money worries of joint bank-accounts, or who earned more or less are now over. Enjoy your new-found financial independence. If you do not have a numerical brain, feel out of your depth, or up to your eyes in debt, then call in a financial advisor. Tackle problems with gusto and experience a huge sense of achievement from doing it solo.

5) Sleep like a starfish

Embrace having the whole bed to yourself and sleep diagonally, with arms and legs flayed out. We humans are very territorial beings, and creatures of habit. When someone leaves the marital or even shared bed, we can often be scared to venture over to the other side. Reclaim your bed and experience a sense of spatial liberation.

6) Energise your social life

Whether it’s a dinner party, soiree, lunch, rave, or cinema night, surround yourself with good friends and go and have fun. Not only will socialising take your mind off of your previous relationship, socialising without a partner by your side will give you a stronger sense of independence.

7) Stoke your feminine fire

Where there any opinions that you couldn’t or didn’t express when you were in a relationship? Did you resent picking up after him? Did you feel just a tiny bit taken for granted? For most women, the answer would be yes. Relationships sometimes dampen a person’s passion, soul, and interests. Re-ignite your inner fire and enjoy being responsible solely for your own happiness (and washing!) and no one else’s.

8) Re-glamorise yourself

The obligatory post-break-up haircut is not necessary, but just a little change of image will do a world of wonders. Wear your best top, even if you’re just going to the supermarket. Put some dangly earrings on. Buy a new scarf. Do whatever makes you feel sparkly, and you’ll radiate beauty. Do it for yourself and no one else.

9) Go window shopping – for men!

Be voyeuristic, goodness knows that men are. You don’t have to go ‘on the prowl’, but merely keep your eyes open! There are some gorgeous men out there: you don’t have to pursue them simply because you are single, just take a peek!

10) Embrace your new independent identity

Being half of a couple is a wonderful feeling – but there is nothing as empowering as feeling totally independent and whole. Remember that no other person is necessary to complete you. Grab your new sense of singledom and strength with gusto!

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These suggestions have a track record of working for people in this situation. We recommend that you try these tips and see which ones are suitable for you. You may find that other approaches work for you too. Depending on your circumstances, a consultation with your GP may be advised.

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