Who we are

Day of Women helps women from all walks of life on the road to recovery from dark times.

Whether you are recovering from emotional distress, physical illness or life-changing events, Day of Women can offer you the support and help you need to become healthier, happier and more empowered.

Day of Women’s life-changing retreats are for women like you who want to grow their confidence, improve their well-being, become empowered and be inspired: The strategies and programmes that we offer have helped thousands of women around the world significantly transform their lives.

Women like Oprah Winfrey, JK Rowling and countless other less well known women have transitioned from pain and difficulty into empowerment and inspiration. You can too!  Whether you simply want to feel good or whether you also want to make a contribution in meaningful ways and live your purpose, we can help. Join one of our retreats set in luxury country house hotels and leave full of confidence, well-being, empowerment and inspiration. Or pick up our Free Recovery Guide including our 21 proven tips on confidence, well-being, inspiration and empowerment.
The life challenges we are helping women with include:

  • Women recovering from stress burnout
  • Women recovering from divorce
  • Women recovering from depression
  • Women recovering from addiction
  • Women recovering from cancer
  • Women recovering from other health related issues
  • Women recovering from emotional or physical abuse

If you are recovering from one of these challenges or another similar challenge, we can help you.