Three Healthy ways to deal with your Anger


Whilst all emotions are beneficial:  anger is one of those most difficult emotions to deal with. Choosing to repress the anger will ultimately only create more anger or worst still, depression!

Here are three proven ways to vent your anger in a healthy way:


A letter to Anger – Write a letter to the “accused” person writing in detail, describing exactly how you feel about what they did. It may even be that you are angry with yourself for, for example,  not following something through.  In this case, direct the letter to your self. Read it through,  really feel the anger,  then simply rip the letter into pieces. As strange as this may sound, the actual tearing of the paper serves as a cathartic release of the anger inside . In situations where it isn’t appropriate to express how you feel to the person who has triggered your anger, you are still able to feel your feelings.  By tearing up the letter, you are letting go of this anger that has built up inside you. Goodbye anger in a healthy way!


Music – Listen to Inspiring lyrics, or even write your own music. This is a great way to healthily channel your anger into something creative. Some of the best musicians have created music through using their emotions to create inspiring lyrics. Below are some examples from my own playlist.  Within minutes of listening, I feel that surge of anger disappearing.

Alanis Morrisette – You Oughta Know

Kelly Clarkson – Since you’ve been Gone, What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Pink – So What

Beyonce – Run the World (Girls)

Christina Aguilera – Fighter

Destiny’s Child – Survivor

Great songs to release that anger! Get dancing, singing whatever way to feel that anger and to release its hold over you.


Anger equals Productivity– When that surge of anger hits you momentarily put pen to paper and get writing or alternatively gather all that energy that consumes you and hit the gym. Research has shown exercise produces ‘happy’ chemicals in the body: hitting the treadmill, putting your I pod in and running to the beat, lifts the energy gathered from the anger and instantly makes you feel better. A boxing class also is pretty useful or any type of class that makes you feel the burn can rechannel anger. Particularly in a boxing session, punching to music and picturing all the anger felt being released in each punch you take can be very therapeutic. Even picturing the person that caused you to feel this way is a great way to drive that anger into the punch.  (Not only do you release anger but also you become fitter and stronger). So here is my third healthy way of dealing with anger that is eating away at you.


Anger is a natural emotion. Whether your feelings of anger are  weak or intense,  its reassuring to know there are ways to deal with these feelings it in a healthy way! Remember the words of Kelly Clarkson “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger “

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