9 Great Ways to Deal With “Not Good” Days

All of us have days when we feel sad, down or as if the whole world is against us. Moving beyond those feelings can be a challenge. However, here are some of the ways to get through those ‘not good’ days.

1) Take a break

If you are doing a job or some work that is making you feel anxious, stressed or down then take a fifteen minute break to get your thoughts in order. If you can, move onto a different task that is less stressful, to give yourself more of a break.

2) Change of scene

Spending a lot of time in the same room can make the feelings worse. A change of scene may be just what you need.

3) Step outside

Going outside and enjoying the sunshine can make you feel better: so why not step outside for fifteen minutes on a sunny day? The sun is a source of Vitamin D, which can help to improve energy levels and mood.

4) Discover

Take a quiet ten minutes or so to examine your thoughts and feelings to discover what it is that is making you unhappy. Can you do something to change what is making you feel bad at that moment? If you can, do so, if you can’t, learn to let it go.

5) Try not to worry

If you are one of those people who worries about every small thing, try taking a different perspective. Focus on the positive parts of your life at that moment. If you think that everything is going wrong simply focus on what is going right.

6) Don’t hide away

If you are alone when you start to feel down, hiding away can make you feel worse. Go and talk to somebody close to you. Talk to them about your problems: with two you may come up with a solution.

7) Let it out

Letting out your emotions can be cathartic so scream and shout or cry if that is what it takes. Writing your feelings down is another way of getting your emotions out as what you feel has been transferred to the words you have written.

8) Relax

If the day is almost done and you are tired and stressed then stop what you are doing. There is nothing so important that cannot wait until tomorrow where your health is concerned.

9) Tomorrow is another day

You may feel down today but remember that tomorrow is another day filled with promise.

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These suggestions have a track record of working for people in this situation. We recommend that you try these tips and see which ones are suitable for you. You may find that other approaches work for you too. Depending on your circumstances, a consultation with your GP may be advised.


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