7 Tips on Recovering from Depression

Recovery can take time
Don’t expect a miraculous overnight recovery.  Your depression didn’t appear in a day, and it may not end overnight either.  Know that the time you take to cure yourself is the right amount of time, there’s no rush.

Motivation and perseverance are all-important when tackling depression.  You need to find ways of keeping yourself on track and not falling back into your old negative ways.  Motivation can be found in books, films, other people, places, art, or whatever you find to be inspirational.  Find positive things in your life and keep them in mind regularly and in particular any time you feel depression creeping back in.

Help is at hand
There are always support channels you can tap into.  The way forward is  to ask for and seek help, whether it’s from a professional, a group or friends and family.  See your doctor, and keep any appointments with him or her that you have:  He/she is there to aid you and wants to see you recover as much as anyone else.

Watch what you consume
Avoid alcohol, caffeine and any other type of drug that is never going to help your body, even though it may feel like they have a positive, liberating effect at the time.  Go and get help, and take the support given to you.  Eat a healthy balanced diet, and have at least 30 minutes exercise each week and you should find your spirits are lifted!

Have some self-belief
Tell yourself that you appreciate and respect the real you, the person inside that has the power to shine through and transform this depression.  Self-belief and self-love are essential in instilling optimism and enthusiasm into your life, and simply telling yourself that you love yourself each morning can change your mind set for the rest of the day.

Old habits die hard
Examine past habits and notice the negative triggers that you need to stop repeating in order to release yourself from the detrimental behaviour that has caused you to sink into depression.  Start to change this behaviour bit by bit, in order to eliminate adverse effects and instigate positive ones.

Commit yourself
This takes confidence; in yourself and in the fact that recovery is possible.  Commit to it, stick with it and accept that you need it.  Have faith that you will get through this, reach the end and come out much better for all the hard work you have put in.



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