7 Tips on Recovering from Addiction

Be truthful

Stop lying and be truthful to yourself.  Denying that you have a problem and that it’s not hurting others or yourself is not going to help you on your way to recovery.  Change your mind set and start taking appropriate advice.

Make things manageable

Don’t take on too much too quickly.  Reduce your overall recovery plan to a more manageable one, plan for the next day, morning or hour.  Even knowing how you will change what you do in the next 10 minutes will help you keep focus on your goal of stopping your addiction.

There is help out there

Seek and find it, see a counsellor, you are not weak for having support through this difficult period of your life.  They may have had a similar experience to you, and will have useful tips and advice to aid you on your way to recovery.

You are not alone

There are many support groups out there, with members who share your goal of beating addiction and living to the full again.  These are the positive influences you need in your life, to keep you on track and off your addiction.  Join one of them, continue going to meetings, even when times are hard (these are the times you will need them the most), and you will find people with similar stories and aims to your own.

Nourish your life

This means concentrating on the here and now, and putting the past behind you.  What have you got to be grateful for right now?  Focus on that, and on the fact that you are a person worth a fulfilling life.  Fill your days with motivational things, people and experiences, and this, in turn, will lead you to positivity and optimism.

Know when you’re vulnerable

Be aware of weak points in the day or in your life in general, and at those times or in those situations, be strong and prohibit yourself from doing whatever it is you are addicted to.  Occupy yourself with different tasks and more positive activities to distract yourself from the fact that you are craving your addiction.

Don’t be disheartened

Recovery doesn’t happen overnight.  If you fall, pick yourself up and carry on, don’t let yourself be defeated if all does not go well at first.  The start is hard, but there’s no point starting if you’re going to let the first obstacle stop you from progressing.  Set out on this recovery path with the determination to succeed, and don’t let those hurdles dishearten you – nobody’s perfect, and you will reach the end if you believe you can.



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