7 Tips for Recovering from Abuse

You are not to blame

Coming to this realisation is the first step in putting the past behind you.  Whatever the abuser said, you are not the one in the wrong.  The sooner you start believing this, the sooner you can start on the road to recovery.

Talk to someone

It’s important to confide in someone so that you can accept what has happened, and be comforted through it, whether the abuse happened many years ago, or more recently.  Talk to family member, a friend, a support group or a professional. Sharing a problem is a tried and tested way to alleviate it in some way, and ensures the burden is not solely yours to bear.

Find a release

Discover what you enjoy doing and use it as a way of easing tension and instigating enjoyment.  Whether it’s writing, reading, painting or singing, make it a part of your everyday routine and revel in it, banishing those unhappy memories and instilling good ones.

You are worthy

Prioritise yourself and your own health and recovery first, before anyone else’s.  Be proud of your uniqueness and address the areas of yourself you find difficult through either accepting yourself or changing the parts of yourself you want to change.  Only when you are a healthy, happy individual can you help others on their paths to recovery.

You have the power to change

Have faith in yourself – you can make the change that sets your life on the right path.  They don’t necessarily have to be big changes, just small adjustments in the way you think, changing negative thoughts into positive ones, or starting that new hobby, can make the world of difference in your daily happiness.

Positive thinking

Change what you focus on from the negative to the positive.  Notice the good things about each day, and you will find that that goodness radiates and multiplies, leaving you in a happier state.  Take control of your thoughts and actively avoid negative thinking.


You need to accept that you were abused and be willing to move on.  Don’t get stuck in the past – live in the present and view the future as a positive way forward. Be open to recovery, so you can conclude this episode of your life and move forward.


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