5 top tips on handling your anger

Anger can be a difficult emotion; it can control and consume your life before you realise it. Feelings of anger come mostly from a source of pain, resentment, rejection or misfortune. Whether the root cause or not, anger and the hate it can bring can become the predominant emotion in your life.

Use these tips to take charge of feelings of anger and regain control of your life.

1) Find safe and appropriate ways to express your anger. Hit cushions and really let it rip. Don’t hold back. Do so at times and in places where you feel safe to do so; when you are alone or in a group where you are supported to express your anger.

2) Think! This may sound obvious but before you say it or do it, stop. Sit down for two to five minutes and think about what it is that’s making you angry, the reasons you are angry, and what you need.  Be objective and ask yourself what is the best course of action (imagining perhaps that the situation is happening to someone else distances yourself and promotes clarity).

3) Forgive. If someone has betrayed you, this is an important part of the process. Many of us have experiences and situations that are hard to forgive; for your own well being it is important to practice forgiveness.

4) Many women feel at a loss when the source of their anger and resentment is out of the sphere of influence. Women who have been hurt in the past often find it harder to forgive and move on from their experiences if their hurt and anger resulted from another person’s actions. We have learnt that when you forgive another, you free yourself.

5) Exercise. Exercise is so important for releasing stress and consequently handling anger. If you feel consumed by anger, go for a fast walk, a run or an intense gym workout. Anything to get your blood flowing and energy moving which will help you release all those feelings of anger. Exercise is also a great way to stop brooding over your anger; it makes you focus on something else and gives you a mental break too.

6) Talk to others and seek help. This last step is also one of the most important steps to improving well being. By asking for help, you are empowering yourself as well as directly handling your feelings of anger. The secrets: share and feel your feelings with someone who will acknowledge your feelings. Feeling what you are feeling is key to healing.

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