5 Secrets to Taking It Easy Following Stress Burnout

Burnout can be the result of  prolonged periods of stress. Your physical and emotional reserves are diminished to the point where you cannot cope. Job related stress burnout is common and here are some ways to take it easy after the burnout.

1) Take time out for yourself

You may have worked yourself to the core at work and have found taking it easy difficult. Go and do what you love, take that spa day, join a group that you have always wanted to join but never thought you had the time to.

Take time off work for as long as you are able and from your normal routine, for example from housework or taking care of the children, even for a couple of days. This will help to give your body and mind a chance to begin recovery. Once you return to work make sure to continue with your hobbies and find time to relax.

2) Keep your mind and body healthy

Make sure to exercise each day. Start small with ten minutes of light exercise, such as a gentle walk. Work up to thirty minutes a day and increase the intensity of the exercise to what you feel comfortable with. You can stick to walking or, if you prefer, take a run around the park. What ever exercise you do it is beneficial for the health of your mind as well as your body.

Practice relaxation exercises every day to train your body to relax. This way you will be more able to cope with stress if it does come around.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet as this improves energy levels and mood. Get enough sleep and in a regular pattern.

3) Re-evaluate your job

This is one of the most important steps you have to take. Identify the specific problem or problems with your job. Were you working too hard or beyond the remit of your job description? Were you stuck in the same job for too long? Were you feeling unappreciated or working in a toxic environment?

Be proactive and talk to your superiors about the problem. They may be able to give you a new job or stop giving you more tasks than you can cope with. If change in your current job is not possible then you may have to consider quitting to avoid getting into a similar situation in the future. Make certain that your next job is less stressful and that you can take it slower than before.

4) Re-evaluate what you want from life

After the burnout you can take what you have learnt from the experience and discover a new direction for your life. You may wish to look at the goals you had surrounding your job and work out if those are realistic and achievable given what you now know.. There is no failure in admitting that you may have to settle for less. What is more important is finding out what makes you really happy. Having a job where you get more time for yourself and to spend with the people you love may be what you want but never realised.

5) Get support

Burnout can cause you to want to protect the little energy you have by isolating yourself. Your friends and family are important and can support, listen and help you through this difficult time. Sharing your feelings with others can help to relieve some of the burden you are feeling.

Follow these five steps and expect your life to be much more stress free.

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These suggestions have a track record of working for people in this situation. We recommend that you try these tips and see which ones are suitable for you. You may find that other approaches work for you too. Depending on your circumstances, a consultation with your GP may be advised.

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