Sometimes life may become a bit too much to handle all at once. A short retreat to get away from all the stress and reflect upon the problem may be all you need, before tackling it calmly and efficiently.

Why get away?

Retreats are not hideaways; they give you the space you need to actually tackle your problems head on, without being distracted by them. The benefits are numerous: they give you time to relax, which aids concentration and helps combat tiredness. They re-establish your management of a situation, and encourage greater self-awareness. This means going somewhere away from your daily routine, away from your daily anxieties; somewhere peaceful. Here are some suggestions.

Where to go?

1) Outdoors

A green spot like a park or a hill can help you to feel very peaceful. People have always liked the idea of escaping to the country, and with good reason. There, you can go back to basics and wander unheeded by daily clutter. Voice your concerns out loud: and allow them to dissipate into the air.

2) A quiet space in your own home

If you can, creating a private, quiet space in your own home is convenient and will give you control over your surroundings. Use incense or meditation to aid relaxation, or choose a (simple) hobby to take your mind off things. Once relaxed, take it easy.

3) Join a club

Retreats are about escape to relax and reflect, but this doesn’t necessarily involve doing nothing! Going to zumba or an evening class can help take your mind off any anxieties and give you new experiences so that you can put problems into perspective.

4) A coffee shop

A relaxed public place can be a wonderful haven for you to escape. Take a book and let your imagination wander, or a jotter and write down your worries while the world hurries on outside the window.

5) A health retreat

If you feel the need for something a bit more adventurous, get away for a weekend and spend some time completely apart from your daily routines. Join a Day of Women retreat where you can benefit from rest and recuperation and the chance to take away life changing strategies.

How to do it?

It is important that a retreat helps you face up to life’s challenges. Use them to take a break and ease any strain, but remember to reflect, as well.

  • Be honest with yourself. Admit to yourself how you need to go forward.
  • Meditate. Choose meditation approaches that work for you.
  • Make it count. If you have an empowering idea and are determined to do it when you take time out, make it count when you return to your daily life!

Ultimately what ‘time out’ means varies from person to person so do whatever gives you the space to feel calm, and then relax and reflect.

If you’d like to grow your confidence, enhance your well-being, feel empowered and be inspired, join one of retreat programmes.  Find out more here!

These suggestions have a track record of working for people in this situation. We recommend that you try these tips and see which ones are suitable for you. You may find that other approaches work for you too. Depending on your circumstances, a consultation with your GP may be advised.

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