7 reasons why it’s a good idea to express yourself (don’t bottle things up!)

Expressing feelings, especially what some people deem to be ‘negative emotions’ i.e. crying, is not always seen as  socially acceptable In the west.  Many are reluctant to express themselves, as they are afraid their peers may judge them or not understand.  It’s common for many to choose to keep their emotions to themselves or to ‘bottle things up’ so they “appear” strong in others’ eyes.

Whilst it may appear to go against the grain, here are 7 reasons why it is a good idea to express yourself:

  • Emotions are a key part of being human – We are born to feel and express many kinds of different emotions.
  • A problem shared is a problem halved – When you express the way you truly feel, it can relieve the pressure and the stresses that come with everyday life.  After talking to someone about issues that are troubling you, you may feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.
  • Emotional expression can be a very effective way of forging stronger relationships with other people – Once you learn to be honest with yourself, you can start to be more truthful with other people too,  forgeing tighter bonds.
  • Suppressing your emotions can have a very negative impact on your mental health – When you try to ignore the way you feel, the emotion can become stronger and appear more frequently.  For example, you may find you get more upset/angry easily and might be quite short with people you care about, who don’t deserve your aggression.  Or you may find you are the other extreme, hiding your emotions, even when something upsetting has happened.
  • Bottling things up can cause physical problems – Your body can become extremely stressed and energy levels can become depleted.  If you don’t allow yourself time to heal and recover, you may become more susceptible to illness.
  • Practise makes perfect – The more you express yourself, the easier it will be for you to cope with your emotions.
  • You will get far more out of your life – The more you learn to accept and deal with your emotions, the more you will learn how you really feel and what you want from life.

Remember to be patient when trying to deal with your emotions, as it is a life-long process.  It may take time to recover from powerful emotions.  Seek professional help if necessary.


-Emma Ferguson


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These suggestions have a track record of working for people in this situation. We recommend that you try these tips and see which ones are suitable for you. You may find that other approaches work for you too. Depending on your circumstances, a consultation with your GP may be advised.

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